Matthias Kläger

Guitarra a Seis

The in its kind perhaps unique guitar sextet consists of renowned guitarists from Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Brazil, all of them lecturers at Swiss conservatories and academies:

Matthias Kläger, Jens Stibal, Pino Feola, Edmauro de Oliveira, Christoph Borter, Harald Stampa

To interpret own transcriptions of different epochs and styles as well as newly written original works for the ensemble they apply regularly a wide-ranging set of instruments, in which octave, terz and bass guitar, requinto and quint bass guitar are used.

Their repertoire contains a Brandenburgian Concert by Johann Sebastian Bach, the “Swinging Sextet” written for them by Tobias Krebs (premiere 2013), tangos by Astor Piazzolla and music by Alberto Ginastera and Frank Zappa.

Guitarra a Seis on facebook.