Matthias Kläger

Schuberts “Schöne Müllerin”

Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Die schöne Müllerin
Song cycle after poems by Wilhelm Müller
Musical adaption for tenor and guitar by Matthias Kläger
Tenor Hans Jörg Mammel and Matthias Kläger interpret the famous song cycle, the songs telling of love, death, nature and travel.

Through the accompaniment by guitar (arrangement M.Kläger) the known songs appear often in an entirely new light.
This way of accompanying songs of Schubert has a tradition. Already during Schubert’s lifetime many of his works were released in the then popular adaptations for singing voice and guitar. Even in 1833 pieces of “Schöne Müllerin” were arranged and published for guitar by Anton Diabelli.
Precisely this cycle (in which a lute plays a role as well) is, by its intimate and oftentimes folk-song-style mood, well-suited for the guitar.

Both artists have recorded their version in 1999 on CD in co-production with SWR for the ARS MUSICI label.

Furthermore there is a variation of the vocal version accompanied by guitar:
“Die Schöne Müllerin” on 10 strings,
Interpreted by

Karlheinz Busch, violoncello
Matthias Kläger, guitar
Martin Neubauer, narrator