Matthias Kläger

MH Freiburg

Hochschule für Musik Freiburg

Matthias Kläger 2014 resumed lecturing at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg and teaches in the new artistic educational program profile for the guitar (Bachelor Guitar and Master Music Education).

This exciting new profile for the study course Bachelor of Arts in the major subject guitar is supervised by Beata Bedkowska-Huang and Matthias Kläger, who continue after the leave of longtime professor Sonja Prunnbauer her function as a lecturer. Stefan Goeritz, guitarist and director of the civic conservatoire Waldkirch, is assigned to coordinate the new conception of the study course. Additionally a team of lecturers will recondition the miscellaneous offers in the field of different guitar styles and instruments for students.

The newly conceived study course focuses on the artistic educational profile completely. A master study course Musikpädagogik with a guitar major class can be attached.
The offer is addressed especially to young guitarists, which take an interest in the stylistic diversity of their instrument, from concert guitar, electric guitar, flamenco guitar, fingerstyle, baglama, oud through to lute and historical guitars and simultaneously want to acquire the manifold learning and teaching methods in music. One’s own artistic excellence is to be formed with precisely those means which qualify for teaching music equally exciting and extensive or to communicate it in a different way. This includes methodical varied practice and joined experimentation and improvisation.

As of now application for the study course is possible.
Also the study course Master of Arts in the major subject guitar is possible again!