Matthias Kläger


New CD´s: Guitarduo
Pia Grees & Matthias Kläger, guitars

· Granados: Valses Poéticos
· Brouwer: Musica Incidental Campesina
· Granados: Capricho Español
· Brouwer: Micro Piezas
· Piazzolla: Tango Suite Antes Edition BM 31.9027, 1994

Recording – excellent clarity, wide dynamic range, lovely bloom

Performance – relaxed, joyful & technically polished

Comments – A wonderful recording, filled with the delightful musical interchange that makes chamber music so fulfilling: The repertoire is delicious – their arrangement of Granados Valses is exquisite (it really does take two guitars if one is to hear the whole set), and his Capricho is a great addition to the duo repertoire. The pairing of new & old Brouwer is very effective programming, revealing in turn both the composer’s European & profound folkloric heritage, influences blent to perfection in Piazzolla’s culminating & ubiquitous Tango Suite. Everything is played with liquid phrasing, sensitive dynamics & coloration – a musical treat from start to finish.

Highest Recommendation

Soundboard, Ausgabe Frühjahr 1995